Wait for Sam to follow, then interact with the large wooden door to enter the dormitory cemetery. Before reaching the door, however, you're interrupted by Shoreline mercs - eliminate them either via stealth or direct attack, then push the crate through the door and against the wall in the back corner and climb up to the top of the ruins. Get back to the top and pick the only available path. Puzzle Solutions Guide. Soluce Uncharted 3 : L'Illusion de Drake : 8 – La citadelle. For more tips, check chapter devoted to trophies. The easiest targets are mercenaries located near the ruins, far away from the main group. Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery is one of the missions in Uncharted 4. Turn right and find bushes presented in the screenshot. Use the rope anchor on the tree across from this platform to swing to the wall below the dormitory ruins and climb up. uncharted 1 soluce chapitre 4. uncharted 1 soluce chapitre 4. novembre 3, 2020 10:19 â Place STATUE TEAR and STONE CROWN; take DEATH MASK and JOURNAL TOKENS 2/2 (X). Take your time not to fall down. You may want to take it, because it will make the process of killing your opponents much easier. Jump when Nate is near a vertical wall with an interactive edge. You should take some more dynamite and only then push the container. There are no other treasures that you can collect here, but you will encounter some enemies, and it is recommended that you get to know the area by that time. Scale the ruins that are dangling over the cliff's edge and shimmy across to climb down the far side. Use a sneak attack on the enemy on the right, and Sam will deal with the one on the left. Investigate interactive edges on its left and climb up. To avoid detection, roll through the long grass and hang from the edge of the cliff. Devant l'entrée de la cité, montez l'échelle à droite puis essayez d'activer le mécanisme (image1). Walk downstairs and explore the tomb. Treasure: Tortoise Shell Snuff Box After Sam and Nathan reunite at the top of the cliff, go back to where Sam climbed up and hang off the cliff. Chapter 9 - Try to solve the first puzzle in less than 10 tries - Trials and Tribulations. Solution uncharted 4 chapitre 9 9. Avery's grave is located on the other side of the graveyard (see screenshot). You may approach the main group of enemies on one of several ways, but the recommended solution is to stay in the left part of the area, and use an interactive tap to reach other shelves quickly. Venez découvrir tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur ce jeu grâce à toutes les soluces que propose notre wiki. When he gets near, pull him over the edge and climb around the corner to swing from the anchor point to the next ledge. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Sony Computer Entertainment or Naughty Dog. Treasure: Persian Tailoring Scissors Under the short staircase after jumping across the beams above the sunken pirate ship. November 2011 in Nordamerika und am 2. Thus, you will be able to reach the lower shelf where another treasure (Tortoise Shell Snuff Box) is located (you could have seen it before, but it was unavailable to you). Head left and investigate all the rocks that you come across. Hide in the cave, after you deal with the majority of your foes. Get back to the crosses once again and ask Sam to light fire. Approach the last interactive edge and wait for one of your enemies to move right under your hero (see screenshot). Use your rope to swing to the next platform, and use the tall grass to avoid being spotted by the three mercs that show up. Turn left, walk downstairs and begin a march, during which Nate will update his journal with few more notes (they are not actual secrets) and make contact with Sully. In Chapter 12: At Sea, Sam and Nate discover a large room with a wheel in the center. Wait for Sam to join you and approach the two remaining thugs. This unofficial guide to Uncharted 4 A Thief's End contains all the information necessary to complete the game 100 percent and get the platinum trophy. Jump towards a steep slope and continue sliding down. If you want, you can explore the graveyard and ruined objects scattered all around. Jump backwards across the gap to the other rock face, then continue along the rocks and up to the ladder. Grab onto the ledge and leap to the stone archway, then climb to the top. Use as many dynamite as you need, because you will be able to restock your supplies once the fight is over. Les v'là donc ! Voici la solution pour le chapitre 4, Les fouilles, du jeu de Naughty Dog Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, en version remasterisée sur PS4. You will end up at a large gate but don't interact with it just yet. The central statue (Jesus) aligns with the top and bottom spots, while the right statue (Gestas) illuminates the top-left and bottom-right of the remaining spots and the left statue (Dismas) illuminates the final two. Lorsque la zone aura été clairement nettoyée, prenez le temps d'explorer les lieux pour découvrir quelques trouvailles sympathiques. It's next to the sarcophagus. We recommend one of two options: remain near the ruins and eliminate your foes with a good assault rifle or a shotgun, or take them down from a distance (e.g. Dernier chapitre d'une saga devenue culte, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy doit non seulement passer après l'excellent Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (comme l'atteste notre test) mais aussi clôturer une série qu'on ne prend même plus le temps de présenter.Qu'on se le dise, au fil des épisodes, le studio américain Nautghy … The most important location in this chapter is the graveyard where you find the mentioned grave and come across a large group of enemies. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Game Guide by gamepressure.com. We recommend that you play on Light difficulty level, as your enemies won't be easily alerted. Un guide complet qui reviendra sur l'intégralité des chapitres que compte le jeu en vous révélant toutes les énigmes et dangers. There are six (6) major puzzles in Uncharted 4.Below we’ll reveal the solutions, and steps to solve each puzzle. When you get to the cliff, grab nearby edges and use them to get to a small stone shelf. Hop up to the platform above you and walk up the stairs and take down the guard at the window near the broken staircase (or pull him out the window if you prefer). The most important location in this chapter is the graveyard where you find the mentioned grave and come across a large group of enemies. Climb to the higher part of the ruins, walk through them and move on. Before you begin exploring this area, get to a cliff located behind the ruins. Grab them and climb up to the very top. Search the new area once the explosion is over. The main part of our guide is the very detailed walkthrough for all chapters of the game, which includes, among other things, hints on how to avoid or eliminate opponents (including bosses), information about the best routes … Climb it, jump on another one and climb on a higher wall. Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery – Crucifix Statue Light Puzzle (Image credit: Naughty Dog) Once you're down in the crypt, follow the … In this article we cover Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Steering towards the right-hand edge of the rock slide, climb up onto the hill here, then use your rope on the tree stump to rappel down the cliff. You should try to take out some of your opponents silently, Dynamite is perfect to eliminate large groups of enemies, At some point, Sam will help you climb up, You can fight from a short distance or strike your opponents with your sniper rifle, Turn towards the right wall before you start swinging on your rope, Shoot your foes from a distance, or eliminate them silently, During your last slide, you will have to use your grappling hook, Investigate the open grave to unlock another entry in your journal, It is good to eliminate at least some of your opponents silently, You can fight from a position near the entrance, Use your grappling hook twice in the presented spot (from both sides), You can throw the nearest mercenary off the mountain, You may throw dynamite at the sharpshooter, You may want to defend yourself in a cave with a shotgun, Finding Henry Avery's grave at the graveyard, Encountering the third group of mercenaries, Encountering the forth group of mercenaries, Set the sparkling points on the left so that they will match crystals 1 from the picture, Set the sparkling points in the middle so that they will match crystals 2 from the picture, Set the sparkling points on the right so that they will match crystals 3 from the picture. Sneak up to the third soldier and take him out as well. Laissez ensuite Sully s'en occuper pendant que vous monterez sur les poids à droite pour atteindre une autre plateforme (image2). Jump to the next beam, and then to the staircase after that. Swing your rope and aim at the nearest interactive edge. Slide down the right side of the gravel hill, then use your rope to swing across to the other side of the ravine. Leap to the wall across from the base of the slide, then climb towards the left - when the Shoreline mercs appear, drop down onto the one below you, then perform a stealth takedown on one of the two up ahead (Sam will take care of the other one). Finish it by landing on a small pole. Thank you for printing this page from www.SuperCheats.com. This time hold on to the tap, jump down and lower yourself as low as possible. Approach a steep wall and plan carefully your next step. Treasure: Carved Ivory Vanitas Before entering the dormitory with Sam, climb the wall to the left to the top floor of the building. Move forward but head to the lower part of the glade, and proceed not far from the large cliff. Use the poles to swing to the ruined wall, then climb around the corner and up onto the top of the arched doorway. At the end of this corridor, there is a statue (see screenshot) with another treasure (Scottish Ha'penny). Move up a little bit, position yourself near the left scarp and aim at the pendant object (with interactive edges) while you slide down. Sam will use his lighter to set the flame - once it’s lit, return to the front side of the statue (with the three crucified figures). You can find it behind the ruined buildings (if you are standing at the exit from the tomb, turn slightly left - it's in the distance). « Inexploré 4 : La Fin d'un voleur ») est un jeu vidéo d'action-aventure développé par Naughty Dog et édité par Sony. Squeeze through the narrow passage at the far end of this chamber, then head down the stairs and interact with the mechanism next to the door at the bottom to end the chapter. Vous débutez sur le jeu Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End sur PS4 ? There's a dark tunnel that you can use to sneak up a level. The chapter begins on a wide glade and you won't encounter any enemies for at least couple minutes. Remain hidden for as long as you can, and perform sneak attacks to eliminate single enemies. Il s'agit du quatrième opus de la série de jeux vidéo Uncharted. Using the same anchor, rappel down the other side of this platform and swing to the climbable wall to your left. There are no more hidden objects in this area, so waste no more time and head towards buildings visible in the distance. Pour découvrir le chapitre Uncharted: Drake Fortune dans lequel vous vous trouvez, appuyez sur le … Remember - one of the mercenaries has a Barok .44 revolver which you might have already collected. Check which entrance is watched by Sam and head to the other one. Don't even think that you will be able to move forward without eliminating your foes. Although Nate won't be able to repeat the same action, Sam will soon discover an interactive tap that can be combined with your grappling hook. Nate and Sam will be ambushed by several mercenaries, so take cover behind nearby crates. Journal Note The Journal Note in Chapter 8: The Grave of Henry Avery is in the corner of the first room in the catacombs. Soon you will exit the small cave and begin to slide down (you will need to jump towards an interactive edge at the end). You will have to stop for a moment when a large group of thugs appears in the area. Les valeureux - Soluce Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End .. ement du chapitre 9 d'Uncharted 4 intitulé Les valeureux ; Sommaire du chapitre 9 dédié à tous les collectibles de la mission Les valeureux d'Uncharted 4 dans lequel vous serez à l'intérieur d'une grotte poursuivi par Nadine et Rafe Stay clung to the wall to avoid being seen and shimmy all the way to the far end of the ledge, then pull the guard over the edge.