Siamese/Orientals cats.Lilac point,Seal tabby silver Siamese,Seal point, Flame point, ,Balinese and Tonkinese. In fact, the term “seal point” refers to the particular coloration of this particular cat. All Siamese cats have blue eyes; richer, deeper colors are preferred. Kittens born on: September 28, 2020 # of kittens: 6 Color-points expected: Flame point, Tortie Lynx, Blue point, Chocolate point, Seal point, Lynx point & Foreign White. 1 Chaton mâle Siamois seal point à vendre. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème siamois, chats siamois, chat. Point (oreille, queue, patte et visage foncé) Tortie (écaille de tortue) Tabby (tigré) Seal Tabby (point tigré) Tortie Point (Point écaille de tortue) The seal point cat has a fawn, or beige colored body and the tail nose and legs are dark brown. Hair length: Mid-long Breeder: Éoles des Neiges Expected departure: February 2021 *** All kittens are already reserved *** Here we'll explain the different colorations of Siamese cats: Light-colored Siamese cats Lilac point is the light grey Siamese cat. Seal Point is the most common Siamese color, and was first to be accepted by CFA. The Breed Standard. Snowshoe/Ragdoll-Siamese mix/Seal Point Siamese kittens We currently have a male Blue Point Snowshoe Siamese, a male Seal Point Siamese kitten, a male Flame Point Siamese kitten (all white kitten), a female tortie Ragdoll-Siamese mix, a male mitted Ragdoll-Siamese mix, a male Seal Point Siamese kitten and 2 female Seal Point Siamese kittens for adoption. Siamese are very social and need friend they get lonely. Dépot de 100$ pour le reserver. Eyes. All Siamese kittens are born white. Reconnue 4 années plus tard, la race a commencé à gagner en popularité dans l’entre-deux-guerres. For those of you who would like to learn more about seal point cats, here are 10 fun facts you probably did not know. Et si vous vous désister vous perder 30% du dépot. Come with first vaccine and deworming Very friendly, communicative and smart bunch. Les premiers Siamois de l’époque étaient principalement des seal point, des chats chocolat, blue et lilac point ont également commencé à être sélectionnés. 5 male Siamese (4 Seal Point Siamese and 1 Blue Point (blueppoint is reserved) Mom wedge head Seal Point Dad is an Applehead Seal Point. Chat Mignon Photographie De Chat Chien Chat Photo Animaux Chats Adorables Chaton Chats Siamois Chats Et Chatons 2 janv. The extremities are seal brown, almost black. Tortie point (écailles de tortue) Nous sommes et seront toujours amoureux de la race du siamois, que ce soit pour leur intelligence, leur sensibilité, leur curiosité ou encore leur tempérament hyper affectueux, ce sont pour nous les chats parfaits, qui nous apportent de la joie, même par moment difficile. I do prefer they go to homes with another cat or future friend. The points match in tone on all points. The seal point is the one people usually think about when Siamese cat colors are discussed. The Himalayan is a breed of cat which has seal-point patterns, but only because they derive from a crossing of the Siamese with Persian cats. The eyes should be almond-shaped, with a slight slant. Seal point. (If the points are of a cold black color, it is considered a flaw.) Dépot de 100$ pour le reserver. Legs & Paws. 2017 - Explorez le tableau « Siamois » de Lolo Leblog, auquel 612 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés.